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Teaching Kindergarteners The Catholic Origins of Halloween.

For my next trick, and in honor of the Year of Faith, I will attempt to teach the kindergarten CCD class about the Catholic origins of Halloween.  I would just like to throw out there that it is REALLY hard to teach anything of substance to children who can not yet read.

So I would like to follow my typical lesson format, and include a story, a project to take home, and a hands on lesson.  We also break for snack in the middle, so that kills five to ten minutes of my hour.

So far, my plans look like this (but not necessarily in this order):

Kids Arrive

Opening prayer in the church (practice genuflecting and the sign of the cross)

Father R comes to class as a special guest to talk about being a priest and what that entails.

Q and A with Father R.

Lesson:  Catholic Halloween

Snack break


Project– Catholic Symbols pumpkin carving.  (crosses, fish and/or the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for which I found an awesome template online).


So I still need to develop a hands on lesson, and find a related story to read.  Tomorrow is my research day– ideas welcome!

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Ok so I’m doing really badly at Blog365…


In my defense, there’s a lot going on here and the annual Fall Stress Meltdown is in full swing!  My great aunt’s 90th birthday party was this weekend, which ended up being pretty cool!  I wish I had remembered to take pictures!  #photofail!

Little Scribbler is going through some stuff, medically speaking.  She’s going to be just fine, but we could definitely use your prayers over the next few weeks while we try to work things out.  After a lot of drama, she got the clear to start a new med last week, which she subsequently reacted badly to and had to come off of.  After a three day break with no meds, we’re going to try something different, but before she can start it, she has to have ANOTHER battery of tests to try and eliminate the possibility of more bad reactions.

Have you ever taken a child for blood work?  A terrified, impossibly strong child, who’s spectrum issues elminate all of the social inhibitions that typically keep people from punching out the phlebotomist stabbing them in the arm?!  Yeah, medical appointments with Little Scribbler are epic.

We gotta get this worked out.  We desperately want to pull LS out of the public school and switch her to a specific private school for next year, but we can’t unless we can work out some of this medical/neurological problems.  It’s almost time to apply to the new school, and send LS for a ‘shadow day’, which I just can not do until she can make it through an entire school day without incident.

So yeah….I’ll do better this week at blog 365, I promise!  Updates on the delightful medical appointments to follow :)

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I just made friends…

with a Jehovah’s Witness who came knocking on my door.  I must say, she was delightful– truly!  Although I found her theology to be very “hole-y”, as opposed to “holy”,  you could absolutely tell she was on fire for Christ!   She has clearly recieved much from her experience with Jesus, and although I think she’s been led slightly astray by the Watchtower, she was kind, openminded, polite and interested in hearing what was different about Catholicism.  We had a particularly interesting discussion about Deuteronomy 4:2, which says,

“You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it,
that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.”

It didn’t occur to her that the Lord may have left on earth ‘words’ which were never written down :)  It doesn’t say all the words and commands were written.  Furthermore, she was completely unaware of the concept of oral tradition– either in the Judaism of the time of Jesus, nor in any Christian faith.

I think we’re going to be friends.  Go Year of Faith!

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Adventures of the Little Scribbler

A smallish practical jokester crept into my room and none-too-gingerly placed a ticking egg timer on my pillow.  Had her hand been more steady and her giggling less noisy, she might have achieved a much more intense reaction!


She’s quite pleased with herself this morning!

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I decided to hand crochet a baby blanket for my friend who is expecting, as a gift.  Since they don’t know the gender, I am making two blankets– one pinks and purples, and the other blues and greens.  I accidentally forgot the baby is due November 3rd, which means I’m going to be doing pretty much nothing but crocheting for the next week….


…and I still have to assemble a humpback whale costume for Little Scribbler!  Methinks this is going to be a busy one.

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October Baby

If you haven’t seen October Baby, you NEED TO!

The Auditor and I just watched it and as an adoptive parent, I can say it was so relatable, but also at times really really gutwrenching.


The adoptive mother’s loss, the adopted child’s innate need to search, the devestation when she is rejected by the woman who tried to abort her, and the HUMANITY of the woman who’d tried to abort her child.  There’s a line in the movie where they say, “hate the crime, not the criminal”.  As a church, as a body, we SO need to remember this!  We should completely and utterly abhor abortion.  We should hate with passion what it does to women– how it rips them apart for the rest of their lives!  So often we remember the children lost, and we forget to remember the women in pain.

Really, an outstanding portrayal of how complicated and layered and intricate abortion is!  It also touches on some issues in adoption that are often ignored by the mainstream media– the need to search, the sense of betrayal when adoptive parents are not honest with their children.

The only thing I would change about this movie is that I wish Bethany Christian Services didnt have anything to do with it, and they are listed in the credits as a “contributing partner”.  Loved the movie, but it’s no secret that we here, at the casa de Scribbler, have NO LOVE for BCS or their unethical, coercive adoption practices.  I was so bummed to see them involved in something I liked so much!

Long story short– rent this movie!  You won’t be sorry!  (I know this post is barely coherent, but it’s late, I’m exaugsted, and of course the primary rule of this blog is that the FaithfulScribbler never edits, unless something is factually or theologically inaccurate.  Enjoy the rambling and the run on sentences!  Feel free to insert commas where I’ve left them out!)

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What is the Catholic Year of Faith?

In light of the fact that I’m trying to blog365 to celebrate the Year of Faith, I thought I might link to a little FAQ about what it is!  So here ya go!

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Last Year’s Halloween Costume

Little Scribbler– the Orca Whale!  She wore a cardboard sign on the front which read “Ninevah or Bust!”  (An Auditor Idea).

For my next trick, I will be assembling a humpback whale costume, hopefully this weekend. Photos to follow!

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The Year of Faith–Blog 365

Greetings!  After a long season of silence, the Faithful Scribbler is back!  In celebration of the Year of Faith, I am going to attempt a Blog365!  I can’t promise that will be terribly successful, as I’ve tried and failed before, but discipline is something I lack and this endeavor should help improve that!

You can expect religious tidbits, funny things, a LOT of Little Scribbler features, and a dash of Auditor Antics as well!  All this for you, reader, in the hopes that you find it entertaining and instructive!  (Bonus points if you can Name That Literary Reference!)

So a quick recap of everything that’s happened during the long months of silence:

Little Scribbler turns 5!

changed parishes

made some friends

FaithfulSribbler joins Homeowner’s Association as a boad member

FaithfulScribbler regrets decision to join HOA as a boardmember

FaithfulScribbler decides honoring committments is important and does not quit HOA board

family reunion/vacay in DisneyWorld!

Little Scribbler graduates preschool!

summer vacation/summer school

trip to Buffalo for BabyLydia’s first birthday

kindergarten starts

kindergarten is awful

the Auditor beings BusySeason (also known as FaithScribbler’s Annual Fall Adventures in Single Parenting)

FaithfulScribbler begins teaching LS’s CCD class

The Auditor begins assisting in the confirmation class

Little Scribbler is physically bullied at school–pinned down and called “a retard”

FaithfulScribbler throws a huge stink at the public school

FS and The A decide to move LS to Catholic school for next year if they can find one that supports special ed

LittleScribbler sees a new doctor

LittleScribbler starts medication for brain issues

FaithfulScribbler has annual fall stress meltdown

That about brings you up to speed, more or less.  Generally speaking, I’m just happy to be functioning.  Little Scribbler is sick (again) with a pretty significant fever.  We were supposed to have a cardiology appointment for her today, but her heart rate was 151, so the technician was unable to get a readable EKG, which means we can’t start her new medicine until at least Monday.  Monday morning we will drive an hour to the cardiologist’s office (again), try to calm LS’s anxiety enough to get the leads on, and pray like heck she can stay calm enough to get a readable scan.  She needs to start the medicine, but can’t until she gets the clearance.  Because we have to go back to the doctor she has to (‘gets to’, in her mind) miss ANOTHER morning of school.  Toss in the Auditor’s annual 15 hour days, six days per week, and the fact that LS’s anxiety dreams about school are keeping us ALL awake every  night, and I’m about to crack like an egg hitting the sidewalk!

The Auditor’s life returns to normal on Novembe 12th, and that day can not come soon enough!  He’s a workaholic at the moment, which he would really rather not be, and he’s crabby and grouchy and tense.  I try not to ride him about working all the time, becuase I know he hates it and he does it so that we can afford for me to stay home <insert raging guilt here>.  But man, it is HARD to be alone so much, with all Little Scribbler is going through right now!  Props to single parents everywhere, because it is HARD to make all the decisions alone!

It’s been about six weeks since I managed to get to confession (because The Auditor is working Saturdays, and I can’t take LS with me because she can’t sit alone in the church while I go in) and boy do I need to go badly!  I feel like my heart is just black right now.  It’s always like this in the fall– the days get away from me and I lose my temper and start feeling resentment and ugliness.  I resolve that next fall will be better– you are all my witnesses!

At least I have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Advent/Christmas to look forward to!  End of year holidays are the BEST ones!  LS is going trick or treating as Jonah in the Whale again this year– except last year the whale was an orca, and this year she would like the whale to be a humpback.  There is a pile of fleece sitting next to my sewing machine taunting me– no, DARING me, to transform it into a three dimensional whale suit– for which no patterns exists in the world.  So that’s going to be a challenge– a fun one though!  We’re also going to be having our first Thanksgiving in our house.  Not sure if I mentioned it before, but it took nine years of marriage for The Auditor and I to come up with the down payment for an actual home.  Seven terrible apartments later, here we are in our house!  It needs a TON of work, but I love finally having a place for Little Scribbler to grow up in!  Last year we ate Thanksgiving dinner in a restauarant because we spent that weekend moving out of our final crappy apartment, and into our HOME!  We’re going to do it up 150%!  Then of course is Advent, which is my absolute favorite time of the entire year– but that’s going to be it’s own post later, so I won’t bore you with it now.

So all in all, things have been better, but things have been worse!  Faithful Scribbler is back in the game– missed y’all!  You can also follow me on Twitter at @faithfulscribbl, where I mostly retweet articles from other Catholic sources.  It’s good to be home, friends!

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We’ve Added Two Scribblers To The Family!!!

George and Patrick! (gotcha– you were thinking kids, no?)

These little buddies are Little Scribblers new furry friends. They are long haired Peruvian guinea pigs. George is the brown one and Patrick the white and gray. For the record, they are both girls, but Little Scribbler had already picked their names and refused to consider any other!

They are cute, no? I think they look like tribbles, myself…

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