The Faithful Scribbler

A Catholic Mother In A Secular World


on January 10, 2013

We’re getting closer to a new little Scribbler joining our family.  After 10 years of infertility and three miscarriages, we are so ready for another little one.  We’re in the middle of our homestudy process, which will hopefully be finished in another month or so.  After that, we’ll be able to take a placement!!!

If, of course, we’ve found a way to finance it.  We’re doing better than we were, because Congress has passed the tax credit in the amount of $10,000.  So if we can come up with the funds on the front end, we’ll get $10K of it back on the back end.  The Auditor and I are looking into loan programs, but they are few and far between and the options aren’t great.

We’re trying to keep a positive outlook and rest assured that God will provide!

You can follow our adoption journey here:  If you or anyone you know is interested in helping us cover the fees, please feel free to share the link!


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