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A Catholic Mother In A Secular World

Thankful November

on November 20, 2012

It’s Thankful November, ladies and gentlemen!  Today, on the one year House-iversary of the Auditor and I offically dropping anchor on a permanent address, I would like to list the top most 30 things I am thankful for, in no particular order!

1. white chocolate peppermint M and M’s  (seriously, they’re delish!)

2. Little Scribbler, and her straightforward, black and white view of the world

3. The Auditor, who works hard every day to make sure we have everything we need, plus a little.

4. The Casa de Scribbler– a humble, 3 bedroom abode, in which we hold 14% equity!

5. Our neighborhood full of good kids for LIttle Scribbler to play with.

6. Croftie, one of two felinous members of the Scribbler family, who is currently warming my feet while I type this.

7. Social media to entertain me all day :)

8. Central heat and indoor plumbing.

9. That we can afford to buy Little Scribbler a new bike for Christmas, and that she is the kind of kid with a really short wishlist.

10. That I have this opportunity to be a mama, when by all biological rights, I should not.

11. ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas and Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas programming.  I like cheesy holiday movies starring B and C list actors.

12. A freezer full of food to cook for the holidays.

13. The fact that LIttle Scribbler is dying to be my “Assistant Turkey Chef” this Thursday.

14. Christmas lights and the way they make me happy– the bigger the better!  I likes ’em tacky!

15. A more peaceful holiday schedule this year.  Last year’s was a bit insane.

16. Our parish and faith community.

17.  Friends, new and old.

18. My thriftiness– we very rarely buy anything brand-new, which has really helped us squeak through the lean years. 

19. As of this afternoon, Little Scribbler can read whole sentences.

20. I can cut and color my own hair and the result is actually passable.  Referencing number 18, you can understand that I HATE to spend money on haircuts.

21. LIttle Scribbler loves me, and says so, frequently.

22. Most of my holiday shopping is already completed, resulting in my ability to actually slow down and enjoy this holiday season!

23. Little Scribbler is doing much better at school.

24. We may actually be able to adopt a second child, if we can pull together some loose ends.

25. Stove Top Stuffing.  Need I say more?!

26. Little Scribbler is interested in learning about God.

27. I have an awesome group of friends I’ve met through church.

28. Aside from chronic pudginess, I am healthy.

29. I married someone with a decent sense of humor.

30.  God loves me!


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