The Faithful Scribbler

A Catholic Mother In A Secular World


on October 27, 2012

Ok ok, the nickname is lame-o.

But for the mid-Atlantic, an area generally unprepared to deal with severe weather, the threat of Franken-Storm is real!

And people here are FREAKING OUT.  Safeway is out of water.  The clerk told me neighbor to stop back by and 5am tomorrow morning and she MIGHT be able to get a few gallons.  Batteries?  Yeah, you’re not getting batteries anywhere around here.  Home Depot gave away free sand-bags on Friday and were completely out within two hours.  The Target in my neighborhood is even sold out of camping stoves and flashlights.  The Auditor and I have plenty of candles, but are trying to pick up spare lighter from somewhere, just in case.  Thankfully, we already have a camping stove, a few cylindars of propane and a lot of canned food.  Our main concern is that it’s going to be 40 degrees and our heat won’t work if the power goes out.  But that being said, we can heat water on the camping stove and we have enough blankets that we’ll ride it out and be just fine.

This past summer storms are proof positive that many people in this are will NOT ride it out just fine.  Last summer brought this are two severe storm systems, complete with tornadoes that left many homeless, and a few dead.  Please remember the people who will suffer in your prayers!

Stay dry, fellow Mid-Atlanticers!

Signing off for possibly a few days, if the power goes out.

~Faithful Scribbler


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