The Faithful Scribbler

A Catholic Mother In A Secular World

Adventures of the Little Scribbler

on October 25, 2012

LS:  “Mama.  What day it is?”

FS: “Thursday.”

LS:  “What number?”

FS: “25”

LS: “its Thursday, 25 of Octember, 2012.  Next year it will be Thursday 25 of Octember 2013.”

FS:  “Well actually, next year the 25th will be on a Friday.  And it’s Oct-O-ber.”

LS:  “Oct EMMMMM ber”.

FS:  “Oct- O-ber…like Octo-pus.  OOOOO, OOOOO, OctOOOOOber.”

LS:  “Oct EMMMMMMM ber”.

I hope she never learns to say it right.  It’s cuter this way :)  While we’re on the subject, I know that a lot of speech therapists are getting or have gotten a LOT of money to help teach the Little Scribbler to speak in the conventional way…..but don’t tell them I prefer her sentence patterns as they are.

For the record, I blame Dr. Seuss for both issues….


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