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Teaching Kindergarteners The Catholic Origins of Halloween.

on October 24, 2012

For my next trick, and in honor of the Year of Faith, I will attempt to teach the kindergarten CCD class about the Catholic origins of Halloween.  I would just like to throw out there that it is REALLY hard to teach anything of substance to children who can not yet read.

So I would like to follow my typical lesson format, and include a story, a project to take home, and a hands on lesson.  We also break for snack in the middle, so that kills five to ten minutes of my hour.

So far, my plans look like this (but not necessarily in this order):

Kids Arrive

Opening prayer in the church (practice genuflecting and the sign of the cross)

Father R comes to class as a special guest to talk about being a priest and what that entails.

Q and A with Father R.

Lesson:  Catholic Halloween

Snack break


Project– Catholic Symbols pumpkin carving.  (crosses, fish and/or the Sacred Heart of Jesus, for which I found an awesome template online).


So I still need to develop a hands on lesson, and find a related story to read.  Tomorrow is my research day– ideas welcome!


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