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Ok so I’m doing really badly at Blog365…

on October 22, 2012


In my defense, there’s a lot going on here and the annual Fall Stress Meltdown is in full swing!  My great aunt’s 90th birthday party was this weekend, which ended up being pretty cool!  I wish I had remembered to take pictures!  #photofail!

Little Scribbler is going through some stuff, medically speaking.  She’s going to be just fine, but we could definitely use your prayers over the next few weeks while we try to work things out.  After a lot of drama, she got the clear to start a new med last week, which she subsequently reacted badly to and had to come off of.  After a three day break with no meds, we’re going to try something different, but before she can start it, she has to have ANOTHER battery of tests to try and eliminate the possibility of more bad reactions.

Have you ever taken a child for blood work?  A terrified, impossibly strong child, who’s spectrum issues elminate all of the social inhibitions that typically keep people from punching out the phlebotomist stabbing them in the arm?!  Yeah, medical appointments with Little Scribbler are epic.

We gotta get this worked out.  We desperately want to pull LS out of the public school and switch her to a specific private school for next year, but we can’t unless we can work out some of this medical/neurological problems.  It’s almost time to apply to the new school, and send LS for a ‘shadow day’, which I just can not do until she can make it through an entire school day without incident.

So yeah….I’ll do better this week at blog 365, I promise!  Updates on the delightful medical appointments to follow :)


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