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October Baby

on October 14, 2012

If you haven’t seen October Baby, you NEED TO!

The Auditor and I just watched it and as an adoptive parent, I can say it was so relatable, but also at times really really gutwrenching.


The adoptive mother’s loss, the adopted child’s innate need to search, the devestation when she is rejected by the woman who tried to abort her, and the HUMANITY of the woman who’d tried to abort her child.  There’s a line in the movie where they say, “hate the crime, not the criminal”.  As a church, as a body, we SO need to remember this!  We should completely and utterly abhor abortion.  We should hate with passion what it does to women– how it rips them apart for the rest of their lives!  So often we remember the children lost, and we forget to remember the women in pain.

Really, an outstanding portrayal of how complicated and layered and intricate abortion is!  It also touches on some issues in adoption that are often ignored by the mainstream media– the need to search, the sense of betrayal when adoptive parents are not honest with their children.

The only thing I would change about this movie is that I wish Bethany Christian Services didnt have anything to do with it, and they are listed in the credits as a “contributing partner”.  Loved the movie, but it’s no secret that we here, at the casa de Scribbler, have NO LOVE for BCS or their unethical, coercive adoption practices.  I was so bummed to see them involved in something I liked so much!

Long story short– rent this movie!  You won’t be sorry!  (I know this post is barely coherent, but it’s late, I’m exaugsted, and of course the primary rule of this blog is that the FaithfulScribbler never edits, unless something is factually or theologically inaccurate.  Enjoy the rambling and the run on sentences!  Feel free to insert commas where I’ve left them out!)


One response to “October Baby

  1. Steven DeCillis says:

    Powerful. In LI Credo we say, “hate the sin…not the sinner.”

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