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Today started out so well…

on February 23, 2012

…and got hard pretty quickly.

Little Scribbler was outside in the BEAUTIFUL 65 degree weather playing with the neighbor kids. One of the boys (her age) was mean to her a few times, but she didnt seem to notice much.  Around 3pm, they go with their mom two blocks over to the elementary school to pick up the oldest boy.

Their mom, who is a very sweet lady who I hope to become friends with, asked if we wanted to come along for the walk, so we did. 

Disasterous decision on my part.  Little Scribbler lost her mind when the school bell rang, at which point a voice came on over the PA system with afternoon announcements, thus compounding her distress.  She can’t handle the frequency the PA system operates on, and when is squeals, she is in actualy physical pain.  About 100 kids flooded out the doors at once, all around her, and she got temporarily lost in the crowd.  Then once she hooked back up with me, a girl playing a loud slide whistle followed us for half a block.

I watched her try to pull herself together.  She tried SO HARD to stop crying, bite her bottom lip, and power through it.   She wimpered and moaned and flapped her hands for half a block.  Then one of the girls asked to ride her bike (which I was dragging along behind me), and she completely lost her mind.

The resulting tantrum lasted almost a full five minutes, of me sitting in the middle of the sidewalk holding her in a bear hug and whispering in her ear, while kids and parents streamed aroudn me towards their cars and houses.  It was hideous to see the other kids look at her like she’s crazy, and hear the whispers of their parents.  The neighbor-lady was very sweet and gracious, but I can tell she’s never seen anything like that before in her life.

We’re trying SO HARD to help her fit in with the other kids here in the new neighborhood.  We dont want her to be known as the “weird” one, or the “special ed” kid.  I want her to be just a kid, who goes to a different school, who likes to play soccer with everybody else!  And now, in one afternoon, she’s back to being “the weird kid”.  And honestly, it’s all my fault for not anticipating what would happen.  I should have known better.  Parenting fail.


2 responses to “Today started out so well…

  1. Steven DeCillis says:

    I wouldn’t blame myself Kristy. These kind of things are going to happen and I think you handled it appropriately. The other parents probably looked like they had never seen something like that before because indeed they had not. I would draw comfort from the neighbor who, through it all, remained gracious and friendly.
    We want things to go perfectly for our children and when they don’t we react and sometimes overreact. Just a speed bump Kristy. Wait until they see Moobaby do her famous forward-roll-in-the-pews on Sunday!! That’ll win the kids over!

  2. WP says:

    That’s so tough. : ( I remember doing the exact same thing in the airport when my ds hit sensory overload. I sat there in the middle of the floor with a writhing, screaming child tucked between my legs while I obviously used all my strength to contain him. People gawked. It was horrid.

    You’re doing great. <3

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