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Adventures of the Little Scribbler

on March 11, 2011

The Scene: Sitting in Little Scribbler’s bed, reading books, with most of the lights off, tucked in next to Lamby and Pink Blanket…

The front door opens and closes.

LS: “Where Daddy going?”

Mama: “Daddy’s going to church, to pray for the babies.” (this isn’t entirely true– Daddy is going to pray outside the abortion clinic with the area churches for 40 Days for Life, but that’s a wordy explaination for a four year old.)

LS: “I wanna pray babies too.”

Mama: “Ok, lets pray for the babies”

Little Scribbler folds her hands and bows her head very seriously.

Mama: “Dear God, Please watch over all the babies and children in the world. Keep them loved and safe. Amen.”

Little Scribbler: “Amen. My turn pray?”

Mama: “Ok, you say a prayer now.”

Little Scribbler: “Dear God, I no go bed now. Amen.”


2 responses to “Adventures of the Little Scribbler

  1. Rainbow says:

    Just another reason why I dearly love the LS. I read this to the husband and he laughed too.

  2. Patrick says:

    Your doing REALLY GOOD!

    May God continue to Bless;protect, guide and lead each of you,


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