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Little Scribbler’s Birthday Dress!

on March 8, 2011

The ADORABLE Little Scribbler is turning FOUR YEARS OLD on March 18th! In honor of her birthday (and in an effort to be more industrious with my ‘free’ time– little of it tho there may be!) I have created this delightful birthday dress!

Picture it with a long sleeved white shirt underneath because its still a bit chilly here! And without the wet area on the yoke– LS wiped her sticky, apple covered fingers on it, so it had to be spot cleaned before she even wore it!

It has several small flaws in it, but it’s the first time I’ve worked with this kind of pattern, and I’m sort of proud of it :)

(Pride goeth before the fall…yikes!)


One response to “Little Scribbler’s Birthday Dress!

  1. Patrick says:


    My how times does go bye, bye!

    I’ll offer Mass on the 18th for LS


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