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The Year In A Nutshell…

on January 1, 2011

Turned 27.
Took a trip to Florida.
Spent Little Scribbler’s 3rd birthday in Disneyworld!
Met Pat in person!
Started adoption process!
Got pregnant!
Ended adoption process.
Had surgery.
Lost a baby.
Counted my blessings and was overwhelmed by the number!
Little Scribbler’s eye surgery.
Took out a loan.
Moved to Maryland!
Became mother of a great big pre-schooler.
Started teaching CCD.
Took another trip to Florida.
Began house hunting!
Took out another loan.
Quit house hunting.
Counted my blessings again and was STILL overwhelmed by the number!
Started adoption process.
It’s been a busy year…what have YOU done this year!?


One response to “The Year In A Nutshell…

  1. Patrick says:

    Like I have often shared;

    God is GREAt and so are you, the Auditor and LS.

    REALLY enjoyed meeting ya’all,

    Love and prayers and God’ continued Blessings in the New year!

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