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Eight Years Ago Today…

on December 21, 2010

I married the Auditor! (well legally anyway, we didnt get sacramentally married until July of 2009).

He wasn’t an auditor then– he was a College Student. He had a thick, curly ponytail down to his waist! He wore Woodstock t-shirts and black windpants.

I wasn’t the Faithful Scribbler then– I was also a College Student. I was failing about half my classes and on academic probation. I could cook lasagna and ramen noodles and that was about it.

We lived in a crappy apartment. We were broke. We had dreams of jobs and kids and a big house to grow old together in.

We still live in a crappy apartment. We’re still broke. But we have the jobs and we have the kid and we’ll grow old together even if we live in a crappy apartment for the rest of our lives!!

Dreams do come true, and mine definitely did when I married the Auditor :)


One response to “Eight Years Ago Today…

  1. Patrick says:

    And may our Loving God contine to Blees
    and protect all three of you!

    Your all in my daily prayers,

    Love ya,

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