The Faithful Scribbler

A Catholic Mother In A Secular World


on December 14, 2010

Yesterday the Auditor asked me if I was making a New Year’s Resolution, and what might it be?

I always make New Year’s Resolutions and I ususally have varying degrees of sucess in accomplishing them. Weight loss resolutions are especially subject to fall by the wayside. (It’s winter, after all, and chubby people are warmer in the winter than non-chubby people. Winter Warmth is about the only advantage Chubby HAS over NonChubby, so why would we give up that one so easily!? January is a terrible time to try and lose weight!)

This year’s resolution is to read something from the Bible every single day. Last year I read the entire Gospel of Luke, which was a pretty positive undertaking for me– it taught me a lot about the life of Jesus that I hadnt really remembered in detail.

This year the Gospels that will be covered during the masses will draw heavily from Matthew (it changes every year– in the course of 3 years the masses will have covered most of the bible and ALL of the Gospels in a set order of readings, following a liturgical calendar). So because this year’s Gospel readings will draw heavily from Matthew, I am going to read the Gospel of Matthew in entirety. I dont think it should take a terribly long time, so after that I’m contemplating reading Romans, Corinthians and a few minor prophets from the Old Testament. Possibly the Psalms…it’s tough to say!

So anyway, that is my resolution, and to go along with it, I’ll be trying to offer more of my thoughts on Scripture and how it is resonating in my life on this blog. Happy Reading!


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