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Sickening- Vaccines and Aborted Fetal Cells

on December 12, 2010

Did you know that most vaccines are made with aborted human fetal cells!? That human babies who are aborted can actually be sold to pharmaceutical companies for the creation of the vaccines that you give to your children?! That “aborted human fetal cells” is one of hte lists of ingredients on the friggin package?! Dont believe me? Google it. Or pick up the box of flu vaccine before your doc injects you and scan the side of the box.

I want to vomit. I gave my daughter these vaccines (well most of them anyway). My husband believes that her ASD may be a result of themerisol exposure from the vaccines. Bad enough to think we might have poisoned her brain with the 26 doses of vaccine she has had in her young life (over the course of her lifetime she will have four times the number of childhood vaccines that I had only 25 years ago!), but now we discover that we injected her with the tissue of actual human babies, destroyed before their own birth!

It just goes to show you that it really is next to impossible to live an ethical life in today’s society.


2 responses to “Sickening- Vaccines and Aborted Fetal Cells

  1. anamidg says:

    I’ve heard this about the chicken pox vaccine. I haven’t heard this about any other vaccine. I did a LOT of research before I vaccinated Danger. I didn’t get a vaccine until I was 16.

    This is the information I found when I googled it:

    You KNOW I am pro-life. Life is precious and sacred at every stage, however–these children’s souls are safe in heaven in the arms of Jesus–and their deaths (although terrible and undeserved) have saved MANY lives.

    It’s tragic, but the only thing that I can mentally compare it to is organ donation. God forbid…If my child HAD to die–I’d want his death to give life to other children. I’d want him to live on.

    I’m rambling. Let’s talk about this at some point–could lead to an interesting discussion. :o)

  2. Patrick says:

    What have we done with God’s WORLD?

    This practice is OBSENE!

    Thanks for sharing,

    God’s continued Blessings,


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