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Holiday Prayer Requests

on December 9, 2010

I could post new prayer requests on this page every single day. So many people in my life so desperately in need of prayers! But I like to save it for extreme special occasions and I currently have three that are very very important.

1. Please pray for S, battling cancer, who is truly a light to the world. Help him heal.

2. Please pray for A, 19 weeks pregnant after 2 previous miscarriages. I so desperately want her to go full term with this little girl!! She’s had so much heartache.

3. Please pray for N, my neice. She is battling addiction and trying desperately to get clean. She’s really REALLY trying, and yet is surrounded by friends and family who are still using– people who should be her rolemodels but who can’t be, because they are lost in a sea of alcohol and drugs themselves. She’s entering rehab after Christmas, and she’s feeling very alone. She needs love and prayers and someone to help her find a job and an apartment and a fresh start. Think of her today. We didnt even know she was an addict, and admitting it to me today was really really hard for her. She can do this!


2 responses to “Holiday Prayer Requests

  1. Patick says:

    Every DAY! I hold you and your’s up to the LORD in prayer.

    Praying for OTHERS NEEDS is both a privledge and a GREAT responsibility.

    Come Lord Jesus come; to fill the loneliness, the heartache, and the pressing needs we present to you from our hearts!

    In ALL THINGS, dear friends: PRAY “Thy WIll, not my will be done” AMEN!

    God’s continued Blessings,

  2. Steven DeCillis says:

    Thanks for your prayers and kind words.

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