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I love looking at baby names…

on December 7, 2010

We have our meeting with Catholic Charities this coming weekend, to move the process forward for our next adoption. We are most likely going to be adopting a toddler from fostercare (at least thats the plan as of today– it changes fairly regularly!), but there is a slight possibility we will pursue a special needs infant adoption.

When a mom is pregnant, she knows she has a solid nine months to prepare for the arrival of her child. When a mom is adopting, she could have 1 day or 3 years to prepare. When a mom is adopting a child of an unknown age, preparation is nearly impossible. Needless to say, my anxiety is building!

Until we raise the money for the homestudy (you can contribute to our adoption fund by clicking the button in the righthand column– we’re trying to raise $5K for homestudy and legal fees!), we’re going to be in a holding pattern, which means stressing that much longer. Part of what I do when I stress is consider baby names.

Most moms get to name their children– I may or may not be naming the next child who joins our family. I think I can live with that– it seems a small sacrifice on my part. That being said, I like to look up baby names just the same.

Over the years my baby naming tastes have changed dramatically. There was a time when I favored long, flowery, formal names, with many possibly nickname choices– Daniella could become Dani or Ella, Gabriella could become Gabby or Briel. Lately, my favorite front runners for girls are two oldies…but I think they’re goodies!

My leading girls name choice at the moment is Ruth. I love the thought of a little Ruthie running around, and yet she would still have a nice solid formal name in adulthood. My second choice is Tabitha– a name I once despised, but which has grown on me considerably over the years. Generally speaking, my taste in boys names remains the same– My leading boys choice is Thomas (in honor of my favorite saint, Sir Thomas More), with a second choice of James (but never Jim!), or Joseph.

I used to want these crazy, multisyllabic, unique names for my children, but that too is shifting. I much prefer standby classics like those of our little saints– Elijah, Sarah, Noah. Something solid, with meaning, and timeless.

That being said, theres a strong liklihood I wont get to pick, so we’ll have to wait and see what God has in store for us name-wise!


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