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The Faithful Scribbler Has Stepped Out…

on November 2, 2010


Yes folks, it’s here again– Election Day. On this day schoolchildren everywhere are enjoying a day off while their parents and neighbors make their way down to their local polling center and cast a ballot for someone they hope and pray will have their best interests at heart.

(Someone who hopefully wont rob the Floridians of their retirement benefits, eh Dad?)

This is the day we make our voices heard. (Coincidentally, it is also the day that Barack Obama is probably stroking out somewhere as the numbers pour in and conservatives reinfiltrate the sad sad mess that is our government at the moment). I’ve wanted to vote since I was a little kid. My mom always worked the polls, signing people in and passing out “I Voted!” stickers.

I vividly remember the first election in which I was able to cast my ballot– a local referendum. I researched the issue. I formulated an opinion. I organized a petition from voting aged highschoolers on the matter. I walked proudly and confidently into the booth to cast my ballot, and…I couldn’t figure out how to pull the lever.

And the elderly women working the polls laughed at me. Classic.

But that was a long time ago. This is today. Today I will drag my preschooler (who is still sick by the way) down to the local elementary school around 10am, at what I hope will be an uncrowded time (because Little Scribbler does NOT achieve optimum good behavior levels in a crowd…or when she has to wait in line…or…well you get the idea), and pull those levers for my list of Maryland candidates.

In case you are wondering, and you live in the state of Maryland, I will be voting today for candidates who have been endorsed by the Maryland Right to Life Committee. Frankly it seems as tho both major gubernatorial candidates would be a disaster for my new homestate, so I have elected to pull the lever for Brian Murphy. My Senatorial pick is Eric Wargotz, and my Congressional pick would give you too much information about my location, so I’ll keep that one to myself.

In closing, today is Election Day (and also All Souls Day, which I will hopefully post about later), so GO OUT THERE AND VOTE!

It’s your civic duty. So there.

This has been a public service announcement from the Faithful Scribbler. We hope you have enjoyed it.


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