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I Voted And…

on November 2, 2010

…it was awesome. As usual!

I really really really enjoy voting. It’s a small thrill in an otherwise mundane day :)

Interesting note– touch screen voting machines are not ideal when the voter in question has an eager three year old flapping around and pointing out the letters she knows. I had to start over about three times because she kept flipping the machine to the next screen.

Second Interesting note– My “I Voted!” sticker actually reads, “I Voted! Yo Vote’!” It’s really saying something about the state of this country, when even my “I Voted!” sticker has a Spanish subtitle.

Third Interesting note– I never had to show my ID to vote. I’ve always had to in the past. Perhaps this is a state of Maryland anomaly. New York always made me prove my identity.

They even gave Little Scribbler a sticker– which she promptly placed smack in the center of her forhead, to proclaim for one and all that she voted…except she didnt. Because she’s three.


2 responses to “I Voted And…

  1. Patrick says:

    You and Little scribler did GOOD!

    Bride and I going aftrer work, about 3 pm or so!

    Spanish on the sticker:

    This country is heading Suth way too fast!

    Love and prayers,


  2. Steven DeCillis says:

    Interesting, that must be an upstate NY thing because I have voted in Brooklyn and LI for 40 years and never had to show my ID. Did you wear the costume to the voting place?

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