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Scribbler Adoption Update

on October 18, 2010

Well, we have decided to pursue our next adoption through foster care. As of today, we are planning to pursue a foster-to-adopt placement through the state’s foster care, meaning, we would like to foster young children for whom the goal is termination of parental rights (as opposed to reunification with biological family).

The idea behind foster-to-adopt is that these children have only ONE foster placement– with the family that will be adopting them, which prevents them being shuffled back and forth through the system for years on end. We have decided that we are interested in any child or sibling group, regardless of race or special needs, aged 4 and younger (so that Little Scribbler, who was our first child, remains our oldest child). We feel as tho the addition of a younger sibling(s) will be infinitely less threatening for her than the addition of an older sibling(s).

We’re so excited to be taking this step to add to our family! We at the Casa de Scribbler have so much love and so many emotional resources to offer a child (or children). The Auditor has steady work (with the government, so the health insurance is phenomenal!), and I am blessedly able to stay home and raise kiddos myself, without needing to use daycare as a backup. We have one awesome, crazy, generous and loving Little Scribbler who will make a fantastic big sister to anyone who will have her! We’ve gotten involved in our parish here and are growing in support and fellowship with those who share our faith. Generally speaking, we’re in awesome place to start adding to our family!

And then we hit the snag. We need to raise about $5000 to cover the cost of our homestudy and legal fees if we want to use Catholic Charities as our placing agency.

And for a myriad of reasons, we DO want to use CC as our placing agency. If you know anything about domestic adoption, you know that the system is fraught with ethical problems and quandries. CC seems to have a MUCH better handle on ethical adoption than other agencies we have investigated.

(You can bet your sweet bippy we will NEVER again be using or support Bethany Christian Services, who placed the Little Scribbler with us– They have to be the most unethical and unprofessional lot of people I have EVER encountered, to the degree that we were asked to participate in a class action lawsuit against them for negligence.)

Long story short, Catholic Charities is the way to go. And they need us to give them money so they can cover the costs incurred by completeing our homestudy and legal fees. And we just don’t have it.

We have a preliminary meeting with CC in early December, and between now and then, we are going to be launching a fundraising campaign, which consists mostly of unearthing long forgotten treasures and trying to sell them on eBay. I am attempting to add a PayPal donation button to the bottom of this blog, in case anyone out there may wish to contribute to our adoption efforts.

Frankly, there are probably better places for you to donate your money than to our family. There are people in need all around the world, and if you’d like me to give you the name of some other organizations who could use your help, I’d be delighted to do so! But if you happen to have a couple of bucks that you dont know what to do with, and you’d like to help us bring a child (or children, if we find a sibling group) into our family, we would be honored by your assistance.

Simply click on the button below (if this works, I’m still playing with making the button appear!) to donate. May God bless you, readers!


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