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The Adventures of the Little Scribbler!

on October 7, 2010

LS is currently potty training her toy animals.  Including a rewards system.  If only she would teach HERSELF when it’s time to go!


In other recent LS adventures, we recently visited my mom up in NY.  My mom is now the proud owner of two adorable kitties– named Shamrock and Clover.  They are still very small, so on the drive up to NY, I reminded Little Scribbler that Nana’s kitties are still babies, so we have to pet them with ONE HAND (hoping that would prevent her from squeezing too hard).

Fast forward to my mom’s house.  The kittens are only allowed in three rooms at this point.  Flashes are fur dart all around, back and forth, back and forth, desperately searching for sanctuary.  Hot on their heels is the Little Scribbler, pigtails flying in the wind, one arm outstretched before her.







This went on for four days.  I dont think those kittens will ever recover.


One response to “The Adventures of the Little Scribbler!

  1. Steven DeCillis says:

    Priceless! I can picture LS in hot pursuit. Thanks for sharing that.

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