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on September 7, 2010

My many apologies for the long absence!   August was a real whirlwind of a month!  Now, as the summer draws to a close, we have yet MORE big changes occurring at the Casa de Scribbler.

Little Scribbler starts preschool tomorrow, and she is so excited! Her backpack is all packed by the front door; her new First Day of School outfit is laid out on the bed; she’s pumped and ready to go!

I’m a little bit sad to see my tiny little baby go off into the world all by herself.  Her preschool is a special ed class inside of a very large, very new, very awesome elementary school, so not only is she going to be away from me, she’s going to be in a REAL school with kids as old as 12!

Her teacher is wonderful– she came out to the house for a pre-preschool visit, to meet us all and get more information about Little Scribbler.  She’s so enthusiastic and genuine, and I can tell LS is really going to love her!

We’re also starting to get really serious about purchasing our first home together.  It is time for our little family to drop an anchor, and we’re all very ready to start making memories in a permanent home!  Generally speaking, we really REALLY like this area we’ve moved to!  This part of Maryland is beautiful, with a very small-towny feel despite our proximity to Washington DC.  The area is heavily Catholic which has really made getting to know people so easy!  Our parish is wonderful– we love the people, we love the ministries, and we’re already getting involved in lots of fun things, including teaching CCD for the very first time!

We’re also looking to jump back into the adoption process– our interstate move put us on hold, but now that we’re settled, we really anxious to expand our family.  Little Scribbler is getting older now, and we are feeling like she’s very secure and happy and loved, and like this is the right time for us.  I’m fairly certain we’ll be using Catholic Charities this time around, and we’re thrilled to be able to work with them! (the agency that handled LS’s adoption was a nightmare– but that’s a topic for another post!)

So much exciting is happening right now and we’re feeling so blessed and happy!  Thank you God for all your many blessings!


One response to “Preschool!

  1. Patrick says:

    Continue to TRUST in God’s Divine Providence.

    Be grateful fo all the Blessings He has bestowed on you, the Auditor and LS.

    Two suggested goals for LS: [and all of us]

    Teach her to be grateful
    Teach her to be humble

    God’s continued Blesings on all of you.

    Love and prayers,

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