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Dear Self,

on August 17, 2010

Dear Self,

Today you watched your mother in law hit your little girl in the face for making a long, loud, irritating noise at dinner.  Stunned, you said nothing.  Instead, you removed your child from the situation and offered a distraction to all parties.  This was perhaps not the most prudent course of action.

Tomorrow, you will do better.  You will not allow this to happen again.  Your daughter was not hurt physically in the slightest– it was a light slap– but she was definitely hurt emotionally.  You will do a better job of protecting her spirit, and somehow manage not to make an elderly woman feel badly in the process.

In the future, when you are elderly, you will remember to patient and tolerant of children.  You will never strike someone else’s child in anger.  You will remember this incident in which you failed your child and will not put another mother in a similar situation.


Faithful Scribbler


3 responses to “Dear Self,

  1. Patrick says:

    WOW : (

    Might I suggest that you discuss this with mom?

    I think [for what ever its wortrh] that sh needs to know:

    How it effected LS

    How it effected you

    And your position on the topic.

    Love and prayers,


  2. Patrick says:

    see above

  3. Rainbow says:

    Dear BFF,

    Today you’ll forgive yourself for being shocked into inaction. And your God is in the business of protecting little minds from harm.

    Love you,


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