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The Humboldt Squid

on May 17, 2010

The Humboldt Squid, when ensnared on a fishinghook, will flail, and thrash and twist itself, in a violent attempt to get free, all the while further impaling itself on the hook that will eventually take its life.  If it would only submit to the force reeling it in, it would find itself released by the fisherman and returned to the freedom of the waters, where it would live to swim another day.

People are a lot like the Humboldt Squid.  The resist being reeled in SO FEROCIOUSLY that they impale themselves upon their own hooks– atheism, immorality, imcomplete truths– without realizing that if only they would submit, and allow themselves to be reeled into God and His Church and His Truth, they would find a freedom far greater than any they had ever known.

It is a simple, historical, and undisputable FACT that Jesus founded the Catholic Church.  It is not my opinion.  It is not debatable.  It is a documented, historical fact. 

Was Jesus Catholic?  In the words of my husband, “Nope.  But Peter sure was!”  Yes kids, Jesus was Jewish, and His Apostles became the first Catholics– at the time referred to simply as “The Church”.  Later, because there was only ONE Christian Church, it was labeled “Catholic” meaning universal.  Only one…

My goal is not to be “right”, folks.  My goal is to bring people to God, and to teach the TRUTH about our own Salvation, as taught to ME by the Church Jesus founded– a Church which has remained theologically UNCHANGED since the time of the Apostles themselves.

Is this a particular sticking point for me?  If you’ve been reading up to this point, you’ll know that it is.  False teachings about Salvation are a HUGE sticking point for me– not because I seek to be right, or because I am “bigoted” (that’s rich, no?!)  but because I love so many people who are operating under false assumptions about what Jesus taught.  Their salvation is, of course, not impossible, but it is definately that much harder to acheive if they reject the Sacraments JESUS HIMSELF gave us, to help us on our way to Salvation!

Live longer than the Humboldts!  Let God reel you in to the Truth!


3 responses to “The Humboldt Squid

  1. Pat says:


    Well done good an dfaithful servent!



  2. Steven DeCillis says:

    This is an interesting topic and one that deserves more space and time. Perhaps a story on the different Christian denominations at the time and how they all fell by the wayside until there was one left standing for over 1,000 years.

  3. Kristy says:

    Ahhhh, Steven, now you have me in my element! Jewish history around the time of the Christianization of the Roman Empire! 200BC to 640ish AD! You’ll be sorry you asked, friend ;)

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