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Adoption Paperwork Arrived Today!

on May 10, 2010

I’ve been waiting on this paperwork for about three weeks now.  We can FINALLY make progress on Operation Baby (or Toddler!) Scribbler.  Most of it will probably be filled out and mailed back by early tomorrow morning.

Standing in the way of Homestudy Approval are:


NY Sex Offender Registry Background Check

Reference Letters

Proof of Employment Forms

Medical Forms

Vital Records for all members of the Scribbler Family

One Visit From Social Worker To Our Home

The last time we adopted, we powered through all the paperwork, and from First Inquiry to Bringing LS Home was about six months, maybe a bit less.  This time, while excited, I’ve been taking my time a bit more.  Being a bit more selective of who we’re willing to work with, searching for ethical organizations with which to partner.

There is a lot I know this time that I was ignorant of in August 2006 when we began the process for LS.  I know that sometimes adoption is a money making industry.  I know that very rarely is the best interest of the child REALLY considered by all parties.  I know that certain populations of children languish in foster care, while other populations of children have wait-lists 3 + years long.

I know more about myself as a mother.  I know I can handle more than I thought.  I know that God will guide me in the process.  I know my husband is a good father– an EXCELLENT father– who enjoys his child more than other thing in the whole world.  I know our family can make-do on a tight budget and nobody will keel over and die if we arent able to order pizza every Friday.  I know a family CAN get by in 600 square feet with limited storage, and that the physical closeness of this tiny apartment actually help us be a better family.

I know my own capacity to love is bigger than even I realized.  I pore over website photolistings of children HERE, in THIS COUNTRY, who have no family to love them, or care what happens to them, or teach them about God. 

Adoption is an ever-twisting maze, taking you places you had no idea you were going.  When I put this bundle of paperwork in the mail, I will put in motion a machine that will carry our family only the Lord knows where!

People don’t realize that adoption isn’t really related to infertility and child-loss.  Adopting a child doesn’t heal you from the children you’ve already lost, and it certainly isn’t a cure (or even a band-aid) for the pain of infertility.  Neither should it be!  Adoption should be about finding a family for a child in need, not about curing the emotional needs of adults who want children.  And so, while we greive our little lost babies, and while we wonder if there will be more biological siblings who will join them in heaven, we press on with adoption.

We press on because we have something to give, and we are certain there will be someone out there who might need it!

Now on to the paperwork…


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