The Faithful Scribbler

A Catholic Mother In A Secular World

A Morning Adventure With the Little Scribbler

on May 10, 2010

This morning, Little Scribbler visited me in the shower.  There I was, washing my hair, minding my own business, when a tiny, purple pajama clad person thrust aside the shower curtain and demanded to know “What ooo [I] doin’ in here?!”.  When I replied that I was taking a shower and she should close the curtain or she would get wet (very practical advise in my estimation), she did so and disappeared.

Only to re-appear two minutes later, weilding the large blue boat Nana gave her for her last birthday.   She heaved it into the tub, where it crashed, in a mildly painful manner, onto my feet. 

“Here a-go Momma!” she called, then turned a fled the bathroom.

Not before snatching the toothpaste of the bathroom counter, necessitating a (wet and very chilly!) pursuit through the livingroom.  (With curtains wide open!  Sorry neighbors, didn’t mean to scare you there!).

By the time I apprehended giggly little theif, she had removed the cap and was well on her way to flouride poisoning, by eating it straight out of the tube.   As I pried it from her small, but amazingly strong, grasp, she admonished me loudly, “HEY! ‘Ats MY cheepstaste! (toothpaste)”

With a sigh and a shiver I returned to the shower…at least I know she’s a generous child by nature– after all, she just wanted to make sure I had something to play with in the tub.


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