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Pity-Party Over.

on May 9, 2010

Yeah, feeling a little sheepish about the pity party I’ve been throwing myself these past two hours.

Of COURSE the priest (again, who is probably my favorite!) who gave the Mother’s day homily didn’t MEAN to slice open an only-recently-healed wound of mine.  I never thought him mal-intentioned, or insensitive, or anything.  It was just extremely triggering.

Recieved some words of wisdom that I really needed to hear (read).  Going to share a few of them with you, because many of you who I know personally are having a REALLY hard time this weekend, and you  might find helpful the words said by a good friend, in love, to me–

Kiddo; listen to old grandpa on this. EVERY Word spoken by th
is priest was blessed by God and intended for YOU personally.

Forget what God didn’t do for you and look at the Blessings He did give you and Dan.

Your feeling sorry for yourself because God didn’t do it your way. ALL OF US have been there! But either God is in charge of our life or He is not. Can’t be on again and off again. We can try and fail; that is our human nature. Get up, ask God to help, and take the next step! God has promised to Bless us; BUT NOT necessarily the way WE WANT! That does not mean we are Blessed Less, it just means God is aware of something we are not.

Kristy, those tears were accepted by Christ as THANKS…. Thanks for trying, thanks for believing in Me, Thanks for accepting MY WILL.


 I needed to hear that.  I needed to refocus.  It’s a good and faithful friend who tells you the truth, in love and encouragement.  I am blessed beyond measure with friends and family!  Time to let go of what has happened and move forward to see what comes next.  Pity party over…thanks for listening!


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