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A Catholic Mother In A Secular World

I Don’t Understand…

on April 15, 2010

I dont understand why certain sects of evangelical protestantism seem driven entirely by their hatred of the Catholic church.  Why hate something you know nothing about!?

It is becoming more and more evident to THIS Catholic that most people outside the faith (and many people INSIDE the faith)haven’t got a CLUE what the faith is really about!

Normally intelligent, kind, compassionate women find it amusing to joke about “old men waiting to talk to you in the closet” (confession joke?)  CHRISTIAN women in my life, who don’t realize that they are disparaging the FAITH OF JESUS!

American Christianity has become so shallow, so much wrapped up in marketing (tshirts, music, bracelents, bumper stickers, Bible accessories, etc) and in “feel good” worship services, that it is in danger of losing sight of Jesus entirely!

American Christian churches condone birth control.  Some of them even condone abortion.  (In fact I was married the first time– the non Catholic, non sacramental time– by one such minister, who freely told the Auditor and I that she (yes, she– cringe!) supported abortion in an intellectual sense, whatever that even means!)

Most nonCatholic American Christians dont evne know what their church’s tenants are– what makes the Evangelical Free Church different from the Methodist Church?  No member of either church can tell me!  They don’t even know if their churches believe in Saints at all, let alone the communion of saints!

And the problem is worse within our own!  Something like half of all people who claim Catholocism in America, also openly reject the teachings of the Church.  How is this even POSSIBLE!?  You claim a religion you dont believe in?  One you openly poke fun at and disparage?

I’m worried.  I’m very worried, all the time, for a lot of people in my life.  People who belittle the sacraments.  People who believe that all Christianity is created equal, even tho the Bible explicitly tells us that it is not. 

Oh yes, many of these people have the Bible memorized.  But what GOOD does it do them if they reject what it says?  What GOOD does it do them to pull quotes out of context!?

And when did the Bible become a weapon anyway?!  When did we start using it to attack people, or disparage people, or argue just for the sake of arguing?!  Did God give us the Holy Scripture for this purpose?! So that we could use it against each other?!

Obviously, using the word of God to prosthelytize (spelled it wrong, I know I did– but I remind you I scribble, and using a dictionary would fall under the category of editing, so instead I’m just going to leave it spelled probably incorrectly) is one thing.  But in many cases, the arguing is NOT an attempt at prosthelityzing.  It is aimed at proving someone is WRONG, rather than converting them to what is RIGHT.

There are more than 30000 protestant denominations in the United States of America alone.  Something like 5 new denominations are created EVERY DAY in this country– EVERY DAY.  I can not imagine God intended this.  I can not imaging He intended us to have this disunity.

The more “sarcastic”, “humorous” or “joking” comments I hear regarding the Catholic Church, the more I realize that the people making them know nothing about it.  Not only that, they must know NOTHING about the formulation of their faith!  A simple delve into history (and frankly, you dont have to go back all that far!) will answer any theological questions these people have about Catholicism!

Look back at the echeumenical councils of the Church.  The first council (Nicea) occured in the year 325.  Church leaders (of the only church in existance until fairly recently– the CATHOLIC church) met every 50 years or so after that, formalizing the hierarchical structure that still exists to this day.  The Echumenical Councils met to resolve theological controversies, or respond to a crisis.

The culmination of these councils is a written letter that explains the faith, interprets Scripture or settles disputed topics of faith and morals.  They NEVER contradict the Bible but rather apply biblical truths to conteporary problems as well as give more understanding to the essential core beliefs. (taken as quote from Catholicism for Dummies, page 29).

You can trace the Catholic Church DIRECTLY back to Jesus.  This is an indisputable FACT.  It is also the reason that so many evangelical protestants are flocking to Catholicism, as soon as they become brave enough to do the research and ask the tough questions!

You hear a lot of “I believe” statements in these discussions between denominations.  Frankly it doesnt matter ONE IOTA what any of us choose to believe– the Truth is the Truth whether we believe it or not!


I dont understand why people disparage something that could actually save their souls if only they would wise up and do the research.  There is only one conclusion to draw!  The conclusion is TRUTH.

I respect people who are entrenched in their beliefs for some justifyable and/or concrete reason (even tho I believe that have been dangerously led astray and are in immense jeopardy of the soul– as we all are as sinners!  This concept of unchangeable salvation once you say the Sinner’s Prayer has got to be the worst hoax ever played on a population of people.  I have never before encountered a more dangerous idea than guaranteed salvation no matter what you do the rest of your life!).  What I cannot respect are people who dont think their own salvation matters enough to figure out what they believe in.  I pray God has mercy on this godless generation, but I fear the worst for many people whom I dearly love.

Hearing my church and my faith and my God disparage doesn’t make me angry– it used to.  Today it makes me sad.  Sad that anyone would disparage men and women who have given their lives in dedicated service to God.  Without clergymen, I wouldnt be unable to unburden my soul of sin, and recieve absolution.  Without clergymen, millions of people would go hungry, uncared for, unschooled.  Our clergypeople deserve better than to be the butt of someone’s “innocent” joke.

Ugh. Nonsensical rant over.  But it will probably start again the NEXT time someone references the True Church of God as a “cult” or “the pedophile church” or whatever.  Even good intentioned, generally good people, just don’t understand what they’re doing/saying when they talk like this!  And their ignorance of the Truth makes me very, very sad.


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