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Please Pray For Us

on April 1, 2010

I am a bad secret keeper.  Like, a REALLY bad one.  Discretion for other people’s confidances I have.  Ability to keep my own counsel about my own business?  That skill must have skipped my generation.

As of 8:25 am this morning, I am officially pregnant.

Two days ago, I was not officially pregnant.  I got negative pregnancy tests.  This morning I woke up feeling strange and tested again.  Positive.

God it too good to us!  We do NOT deserve this blessing!  I am so overjoyed this morning for my family– and slightly terrified.  We’ve lost two children before, and repeating that experience is haunting the back of my mind at the moment.

But in the front of my mind I am joyful!  And undeserving and blessed and rambling because once again I find myself SHOCKED with pregnancy I thought impossible.

Please pray for us.  We do not want to lose another child.  If we do, we take comfort that Jesus protects the unborn, but all the same, we’d like to keep this one with us for awhile.

(and please don’t spread the word on facebook if you know us in real life.  Only a select few people whom we can count on for prayers are being told.  If you’re reading this, count yourself among them!  The worst part of miscarriage is telling everybody else.)

God is good! Today He is TOO good to me! I am thankful, and humbled…and kind of nauseous so I’m going to go have breakfast!


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