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Greetings From Sunny (but chilly) Florida

on March 17, 2010

Hello blogosphere– I’ve been a bit MIA these past few days.  Many things have been happening here in Florida.

Grandma Scribbler is doing well– she is now on an Excelon patch, which releases a continuous stream of medicine into her over a 24 hour period.  This is significantly reducing her hallucinations, and it is also significantly improving her mood!  (Hallelujah!)  She still tends toward misery as the evening approaches, and at times her hallucinations are quite strong, and very frightening (for her).  She remains convinced that the surround sound speakers here in my dad’s house are wired to a computer, via which a group of four people are constantly observing her.  She hears them reporting on what she is doing at any given point throughout the day. 

We are preparing her for a permanent move to an assisted living facility near Albany.  Thinking about moving really kicks her depression into high gear– she is worried about the money, she is worried about the cold, she is worried about what will happen to her belongings.  Every day she tries to give me something else she has decided she wont be able to keep– she is frantic that she be able to decide who will get what, of her things.  Her obsession over this is exaughsting– she speaks of it constantly!

I took her with me to Mass on Sunday–she isnt Catholic, but I am praying fervently for her soul.  Although she can not hear well, and she does not understand the Mass, I thought spending some time in the presence of Jesus might do her some good.  She seemed to want to go with me, so off we went. 

She couldnt hear the priest, and halfway through the service she began to hallucinate that the people behind us were gossiping about her, because she was in Mass but not a Catholic.   I plan to try again next Sunday.  I pray for God to touch her heart and help her through this crisis of her mind, which at times truly terrifies her.

Before we left for this trip, I felt like I was doing well, spiritually speaking.  While of course still a sinner, I was heading in the right direction!  My focus was clear.  I’d been able to spend much time in prayer at church (our church is open during the day and I very much enjoy sitting in there alone without distractions).  The Auditor and I had been focusing on Scripture in our free time.  Even Little Scribbler was praying more throughout the day!

Then we arrived in Florida and I let the stress get to me.  I lost the focus.  Life is funny like that, isnt it?  Stressful situations arise– situations in which you SHOULD be turning to God for guidance– and instead, you sort of forget that He is always with you.  I think I need to spend some time refocusing in the next few days.

In other news, Marion’s surgery went well– thank you so much Prayer Warriors!  The tumor was removed, was found not to be cancerous, and she is expected to make a full recovery!

But I’d like to call you Prayer Warriors back in to battle for The Auditor’s neice, Ariel.  She is 10 years old, and as of Friday, a type 1 diabetic and a sufferer of thyroid disease.  Her parents are trying to get her blood sugars under control, and her whole world is being flipped upside down in the battle.  She cant eat what she used to.  She cant play like she used to.  She has to have injections every day, and glucose testing several times a day.  AND SHE IS A CHAMP!  We spent the weekend with her (they live in Florida as well) and she never complained once.  Even when you could tell she wasn’t feeling well, and even when she had to watch her someone insensitive brother eating ice cream right in front of her, she never once complained. 

We’ve been having some fun down here, even though we are dealing with Grandma Scribbler’s ups and downs.  Today we took LS and GS to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, and saw some really cool pelicans and seagulls being release back into the wild after their rehabilitation.  Then we took them both to Chuck E Cheese, and I’m not sure who had a better time– Little Scribbler or Grandma!  Grandma Scribbler danced with me, right in the middle of Chuck E Cheese, in front of about 50 people, to “disco inferno” for a full five minutes.  It was the first time she’d danced in many many years…as for me, well…it wasnt even the first time I’d danced TODAY, lol!

So greetings, blogosphere, from sunny Florida.  We’re having kind of a wild vacation here in the Sunshine State, but God is always with us, and if I can refocus on Him, instead of on myself, we’ll do just fine.


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