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Some Updates

on March 7, 2010

1. Gradma Scribbler did not have a stroke.  She DID have a cardiac incident resulting from low heart rate and recieved her pacemaker on Friday.  Yesterday she went home from the hospital with my dad, where she is currently enjoying bossing him into an early grave :)  Many MANY thanks, Prayer Warriors, for your assistance this past week– it was a rough one!  We still have the Alzheimer’s to deal with, so please keep us in your prayers!

2. Little Scribbler and I are leaving for Florida on Tuesday.  LS is terribly excited to see Grandma and Pap Pap and to SWIM (which we have been discussing constatly for about a week now!).  She is even MORE excited to fly in a “hairpwane” and just about pees herself every time we see one in the sky!

As you may recall, The Faithful Scribbler is something of a nervous flyer, so with any luck this three hour adventure will only be minorly torturous her!  Anybody got any tips to keep an almost 3 year old in her seat for 3 hours?  Anybody? Anybody?  What’s that? It’s hopeless? I should reconcile myself to the fact that 3 year olds are genetically programmed to squirm and jump and yell?  Wonderful.  Hey, maybe the flight wont be full and no one wil have to sit by us!  That’s the spirit! :)

3.  The neighbors agreed to feed our two kitties while we’re gone– HURRAY!  That was a big stressor for me because the cost of boarding animals is frankly OBSCENE.

4. I have about 10 topics churning in my head at the present moment, which will be appearing on this blog in the near future.  I keep trying to sit down and do them justice, but just havent had the time.  Hopefully those warm Floridian evenings will give me time to compose the entertaining essays I know that you all wait with baited breath to read! Topics forthcoming include (but are not limited to– because I might change my mind!)

* Infertility and Childbearing– What God Tells Us

* Traditions That Have Fallen Away

* Headcovering Catholic Women– There Are More Of Us Than You Think!

* Lupus and AutoImmune Disorders

* Modeling the Faith For Your Children

5. I want to remind the blog followers (and newbies!) that comments, debate, discord and personal opinions are always encouraged by The Faithful Scribbler!  WordPress tells me how many hits we get each day, and although you are not commenting, you ARE reading!  So please feel free to comment (no pressure!) if you have something interesting to say! (Or even if you don’t– heaven knows half of what I say isnt all that interesting, and yet here you are, reading it anyway! So it’s only fair that you should get to make uninteresting comments if you so choose!)

5. We at the Faithful Scribbler appreciate your keen eye for spotting typos.  That being said, I will refer all potential typo-pointer-outers to the first post of this blog, where by I outline that much of what I have to say will make so sense, and very little of it will ever be edited!  Posts are almost exclusively “first drafts”– primarily because the Little Scribbler has the attention span of a gnat, and Dora the Explorer episodes are only 25 minutes long.  Ergo, you can conclude that I have at MAXIMUM 25 minutes to spend per post, which affords little time for editing and forming of coherent thoughts :)

Happy Sunday Blogophere!


2 responses to “Some Updates

  1. I would love to hear your thoughts on head covering.
    As a gen x Priest, that is one of the Church traditions that I have never had much notice of. My mother told me once that when she converted to the Catholic church in the 1960’s she signed up for the women’s church cleaning bee on a Saturday morning. Being new to things she didn’t think to bring a head covering and the pastor insisted that she wear a kleenex on top of her head while she dusted the pews. Needless to say my take on the custom is a bit jaded. If this is still practiced by some women I would like to hear why it is important to you.

  2. dannersgirl says:

    We are definately still practicing headcovering! I have quite a lot to say about this, so I will prioritize the post– look for it this week! :) Nice to have you reading!

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