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Calling All Prayer Warriors

on March 2, 2010

For a personal intention of mine.

My grandmother (the one with Alzheimer’s) is in the hospital.  She may or may not be having a pacemaker put in.  My father found her passed out this morning and had to call 911.

The paramedics told him she’d likely had a stroke, but it looks as tho that is not the case after all, as her CT was clean.

She’s already up and yelling at the nurses, and she tends to try to escape from the hospital (insert giggling here as I imagine her tiptoeing down the hallway in her pajamas, making a desperate bid for the elevator!), so  I’m sure everybody is having a BLAST working with her.  Plus it’s very stressful for my dad, and hard on Grandma to not really be cognizant of where she is, or who everybody around her is.

Sigh.  I so wish that she could maintain a bit of her dignity as she approaches  the end of her life.  I cant even say for sure that she IS approaching the end of her life– although it does seem that way.  Her own father lived, with many ailments, until he was 98.

She is a Methodist, and in recent years it seems as tho she has perhaps fallen away from her faith (although I can’t really say– that’s between her and God).  I worry for her soul.  Perhaps that worry is unfounded, but I honestly worry for her soul (I worry for a lot of people’s souls actually, including my own!).

If you could spare a moment, Prayer Warriors, please say a prayer for my family– especially my father and my grandmother!


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