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I Like Praying The Rosary

on February 28, 2010

I Really enjoy praying the rosary.  There is such comfort in prayers that have been handed down through the centuries!

I’ll be honest with you– I am not exactly a “pray out loud” kind of person, although I am trying to set a prayer example for Little Scribbler, so from time to time we do pray out loud throughout the day.

I do believe that prayer, even joyful prayer, should be reverent.  Blame it on my upbringing if you will, but jumping and hooting and hollering and AMENING at the top of your lungs…well, it’s just not for me.  Frankly it comes off as insincere.  I know that statement will offend some of the readers, but it’s the honest truth.  I find loud, showy prayer to be a bit too histrionic and not quite reverent enough for my taste.

This is not to say that all group prayer, or all “out loud” prayer, falls into this category.  Of course it does NOT!  I recently joined a prayer group at my parish, specifically the challenge myself in this regard.  I do take comfort in the fact that, although we pray as a group, there is a modicum of reverence that is maintained.

So that tangent aside, I will return to the topic at hand.  I REALLY like praying the rosary!

I started doing it last year during lent.  I have a rosary t hat I recieved as a confirmation present from Mrs. B, my confirmation sponsor and lifelong friend of the family.  (Coincidentally, she was also my little brother’s first grade teacher, and my friend Joe’s mom!  Small towns are funny like that, but I digress…)

It’s purple, which is my birthstone, and really pretty.  Up until Lent 2009, the only action it had seen was me worrying it almost to peices while on various airplanes.  (The Faithful Scribbler is a VERY nervous flyer– for some reason clutching desperately to a rosary helps ease the fear somewhat.)

So one day, I grabbed my rosary, and my little prayer book (which is excellent, published by TAN books and entitled Catholic Prayers) and went to sit in the empty church on a Saturday afternoon.

Theres nothing like a big empty church to make you feel as tho you are truly alone with God.  It helps that in Catholic churches, Jesus is physically present in the tabernacle.  So, in the physical presence of Jesus, I knelt to pray the rosary.

I had to use the “cheat sheet” in the back of my prayer book, because I’d never really prayed the rosary on my own before.  That slowed me down some, but I think slowing me down was useful.  In a world of “GO GO GO” and “Women Can Do It All!”, I think God frequently gets left behind…or squeezed into tiny blocks of time when we are able to remember him.  To the mother’s racing mind, God is penciled in between Baby’s First Dental Appointment and Buying New Sneakers.

I am that mother.  My mind never stops.  It is never quiet.  It rarely Listens.  I sit in Mass, read along, reflect on the Word, and at the same time am remembering that Little Scribbler’s speech therapy session got moved to Tuesday and I need to gas up the van or else we arent going to make it everywhere we have to go and I wont have time to stop because now Speech and Preschool are back to back with only 15 minutes in between.

This is a constant problem for me.  I CAN NOT FOCUS!  I really sometimes can NOT focus on God– and God should be the focus of my LIFE! 

The Rosary really helps me with that.  I quietly repeat the same prayers over and over, as my fingers tell the beads, and I FOCUS.  My mouth is busy praying, my heart is busy praying, and my mind is FOCUSING on GOD.

You would think that repetition might be mind numbing– might make it easier for the thoughts to drift…such is not the case for me.  The Rosary is really a focusing tool– it helps me to focus in on God, and focus in on Our Holy Mother as my mentor in my own mother hood.  I can’t be sinless as Mary was…but I can try to be as like her as I can!

I really like praying the rosary.  So I’m going to head over to St. William’s and do just that right now! :)  Happy Sunday!


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