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Daily Mass Readings

on February 19, 2010

The Auditor and I have decided to read the daily mass readings together at night, during Lent.  Hopefully this practice will carry on into the rest of the liturgical year as well.

We dont usually read the Bible together because we’re reading different translations, and also, we read/process at very different speeds.

The Auditor prefers the Douay-Rheims translation, which pre-dates the King James and has language that is sometimes difficult for me to follow.  Personally, I prefer the New American Standard study Bible.  I like the commentary that comes in the margins– it explains things I’m too dumb to figure out on my own :)

Hopefully this will be a good exercise for our faith and our marriage.  Right now we’re doing it after Little Scribbler goes to bed, but hopefully one day we can include her in the process as well.

Right now we’re just reading– I’m not sure I want to open the can of worms whereby we actually DISCUSS what we’ve read :)


One response to “Daily Mass Readings

  1. John says:

    May God’s blessings and providence bring you to a richer understanding of your Faith! What a wonderful Lenten resolve.

    May I suggest, if you’re interested in scripture with commentary, an excellent resource is the Navarre Bible – they use the RSV-CE and the commentary is extensive and faithful. Warning: The Navarre isn’t a single book – because the commentary is lengthy it’s split into several books. I also have an NIV, KJV, and DR for comparison – it’s interesting sometimes in the newer translations you can see the difference a word makes! +JMJ+ John

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