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Floridian Vacation–Sort of…

on February 18, 2010

Here at the Casa de Scribbler, we are preparing for an 18 day trip to Florida, w hich will be taking place in March.

We’re going to Florida to help take care of Great-Grandma Scribbler, who is suffering from dementia.  Pap-Pap Scribbler (my father) is taking care of her single-handedly, and he needs a vacation!

So The Auditor, the Little Scribbler and myself are all going to be journeying to Florida to Grandma-Sit.  To be honest with you, I’m very nervous about this trip.

I have to leave four days before The Auditor is leaving– so that means I will be taking Little Scribbler on an airplane by myself.  I have actually done this once before, but this time she’s older, more mobil, and we’re not taking a car seat on the plane, so she wont be strapped in.  (Anybody out there have a portable DVD player they want to loan me?!)

Also, the flight is leaving at her lunchtime.  Which means we’ll be boarding about half an hour before her lunchtime.  Which mean I have to feed her airport food at least an HOUR before her usual lunchtime.  That in and of itself is probably fine, but as it’s a three hour flight, it means she will be STARVING by the time we get off the plane.  And a Starving Scribbler is an OBNOXIOUS Scribbler!

So Little Scribbler issues aside, I am concerned about my Grandmother.  I am not sure I can watch her well enough to keep her safe.  Thankfully, The Auditor arrives the same day my dad is leaving on his cruise, so I will only have a few hours alone.   I have more to process about dementia and families and caring for the aging, but I’ll save that for another post!

So the second week of our trip, my dad will be back and we will get to spend some time with him, which is very cool.  Since he lives 13 states away from us, we only see him a handful of times every year.  He adores the Little Scribbler and I’m sure will spend that time stuffing her full of doughnuts and hotdogs and all kinds of processed wonder-crap that we dont usually feed her :)  What are grandparents for?!

I’m hoping also that we will get to connect with a friend we’ve made over the internet.  He is acting as something of a Catholicism Guru for us– sending emails with weekly reflections, answering questions, etc.  He’s done a lot for us and we’d love the opportunity to meet with him in person if the logistics make it possible.

We also get to spend some time with The Auditor’s brother and his family, who live about half -hour away from my dad.  We very rarely see them, and I know The Auditor wishes we all got more time together. 

So here I am, three weeks out from departure day, still trying to figure out who is going to babysit our cats, and already packing suitcases.  There are actually a few items we will need that we do not currently own (like a bathing suit for the Little Scribbler), so I’m sort of glad I have time to fill those holes.    My living room is a sea of toddler roller-skates, tiny shorts, not-so-tiny-shorts (ahem…mine) and sunblock. 

I think I’m about two minutes away from a nervous breakdown…


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