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Comfort for Mothers of Little Saints

on February 2, 2010

I just recently heard the term “Little Saints”, in reference to children who have gone up to heaven before their birth.  Prior to “Little Saints”, I had often heard these children referred to as “Angel Babies”.

“Angel Babies” never really sat well with me, because, well…they arent angels.  I’ve lost two children before birth, and when my little ones passed, they were not angels.  Angels are another race entirely apart from the Race of Man! (this is Biblical, and at some point I will find the motivation to look up supporting documentation!)

But “Little Saints”…that’s a term I like.  There are Saints…and there are saints.  We are all supposed to be striving to be saintlike.  The Saints, on the other hand, did such a good job of living the life God calls us too, that the church validated and confirmed their Sainthood (through the process of Cannonization).  The church assures us that the Saints are communing with God in heaven.

The “Little Saints” are also in heaven!  It is no small comfort to me to know that my children, Elijah Daniel and Sarah Faith, are safe in the loving arms of Jesus.  They felt no pain on this earth save the pain of death.  They knew no anger, or hurt, or disappointment or failure.  They knew only their short lives cacooned inside of me– loved, nurtured, wanted!  And then they knew a brief moment of pain– and then JESUS!!!

Knowing that Jesus literally called home my babies is comforting to me.  It has been two years since I lost my little Elijah, and I still weep for him– for the life we might have had together and for how I miss him!  Little Sarah we lost just last summer, and very very early on in the pregnancy (she settled into my tube instead of my uterus, the little rascal!).  I miss her often, and I think of how close to birth she would be now (the due date has not yet passed).

We only very recently named our two Little Saints.  Someone I met told me about the Shrine to the Holy Innocents, in Manhattan New York.  There, they pastor maintains a Book of Life, into which you can have your child’s name recorded, as well as any small comment you would like to make.  There is always a candle lit for these lost children, and pilgrims frequently stop to pray for them.  My two Little Saints are recorded in the Book of Life!

It is important to remember that these lost little loves had souls!  And that we will meet their souls again in heaven!  I am separated from my children at the moment, but they are never far from my heart or my prayers.  And with any luck, I too will make it to heaven, where we shall one day be reunited by the grace and glory of God!

My children had souls.  ALL of your little lost ones had souls as well.  Doctors will try to tell you, if you miscarry a “blighted ovum” like I did, that there is no baby, never was a baby.  THAT IS BALONEY!

Life begins when a cell divides.  That empty sac you may be seeing on the ultrasound?  The one where their “never was a baby”?  That sac has its own genetic code, entirely different from your own.  It is true, that there is no baby in the sac at the moment– but there WAS a life there!  There WAS a soul there!  I believe this.  I think (although I cannot be certain) that the Church backs me up here.

All you greiving mothers out there– name your babies.  Name your little lost ones.  Email the Church of the Holy Innocents, and inscribe your children into the Book of Life.  Take comfort knowing that Jesus holds your children in your absence, and that if you work hard to be faithful and walk the path God calls, you can one day be reunited with them!  Take comfort, mothers.  Allow Gods grace to bring you peace.

For more information on the Shrine to the Holy Innocents:


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