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You Know You’re a Mom When…

on February 1, 2010

(Add your own in the comments!)

You automatically double-knot everything you tie.

You find yourself humming the Yo Gabba Gabba theme song as you do the dishes.

You hear a baby cry in the grocery store, and you start to gently sway back and forth, back and forth. However, your children are at school!

You actually start to like the smell of strained carrots mixed with applesauce.

You carry a Buick sized bag with you everywhere, even on short errands.  The bag contains extra diapers, a brick of wipes, pacifiers, bottles, extra clothes, toys, teething rings, and burp cloths.  Bsically everything you could need…except your car keys and your wallet…which you left at home on the kitchen table…
You weep through the scene in Dumbo when his mom is taken away, not to mention what Bambi does to you.

You get soooo into crafts you contemplate writing a book called 101 Fun Crafts to do with Dryer Lint and Eggshells.

You have walked out of the house wearing a hot pink curly butterfly barrett from Gymboree…because you’re little one was playing Future Cosmotologist and you were so thankful to have your hair brushed for a change that you didnt even notice what she’d put in it!

You spend a half hour searching for your sunglasses only to have your teenager say, “Mom, why don’t you wear the ones you pushed up on your head?”

You are out for a nice romantic meal with your husband, enjoying some real adult conversation, when suddenly you realize that you’ve reached over and started to cut up his steak!


One response to “You Know You’re a Mom When…

  1. Andi says:

    You find yourself humming the theme song to Yo Gabba Gabba when at work. Been there, done that.

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